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Are You Trapped In A Cycle Of Stress and Fear?

Are symptoms of anxiety preventing you from living the life you want to? Do you feel alone in your suffering, afraid that nobody understands the constant fear and worry you experience? Do you regularly withdraw from social situations, fearful of large crowds, eating in public or having a panic attack? Maybe you have trouble sleeping, especially if you struggle to switch off your racing mind. Perhaps anxious thoughts interfere with your ability to focus and be productive at work or school. It might be that you often find it difficult to control stressful and irrational thoughts and have begun to worry that something is really wrong with you. Do you worry that your generalized, performance or social anxiety has gotten so bad you no longer have any hope for a normal, enjoyable life?

Living with anxiety can be a frightening, frustrating and isolating experience. You may have a packed schedule and feel that worries, fears and incessant thoughts prevent you from keeping all the balls in the air. Or, maybe you’re a stay-at-home mom plagued with constant worry about your kids’ safety, yet you’re afraid that you’re holding them back from the space they need to grow and flourish. Perhaps your anxiety is distorting your ability to make decisions, and you struggle to get through the day without succumbing to exhaustion and brain fog. It may be that you can’t figure out how to communicate your needs with loved ones or colleagues at work. Your thoughts may race and your body might feel weak from the effort of trying to remain composed in high-stress settings. Do you wish that there were a way to let go of your fears, insomnia, worries and/or stress, and start over?

Anxiety is Very Common in Today’s Stressful World

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Anxiety is an incredibly common and often misunderstood disorder that can present on many different levels. Amongst the majority of people, “anxiety” is an overused term, synonymous with a busy schedule, anticipation and even excitement. However, the 40 million Americans who suffer with anxiety disorder experience a debilitating condition that can interfere with daily functioning, such as driving, going out socially, eating in front of people in restaurants or even eating normally. Anxiety is often marked by irrational, often racing thoughts and fears, trouble sleeping and/or intense self-criticism. And, while logically a person with anxiety may be able to step back and recognize thoughts as being irrational, the feelings that accompany these thoughts are nevertheless very real and often debilitating.

Anxiety occurs for a number of reasons, many of which can be difficult to pin down. Some people are just prone to anxiety. Also, the nonstop culture many of us now live in has become a breeding ground for anxious thoughts and behavior. Unfortunately, the more you feed anxiety, the bigger it grows, and today’s fast-paced, high-tech society almost demands lightning-speed thoughts and behavior in order to function at the highest level. Our expectations of performance and success are at an all-time high, and many of us feel like we’re constantly failing to meet expectations and responsibilities. However, if you or someone close to you is suffering with persistent worry or other symptoms of anxiety, there is help and hope for relief. An experienced anxiety therapist can help you break through the cycle of stress and fear that’s keeping you stuck and empower you to live a more balanced and confident life.

Anxiety Therapy Can Help You Overcome Anxiety, Thought By Thought

Anxiety is a valid, primal feeling necessary to help keep us safe and functioning at a high level. However, problems occur when normal stress increases and becomes a limiting force in your life. Therefore, while it’s not realistic (or helpful) to remove all of your stress, overcoming anxiety means finding balance so that your fears no longer take over your life. Therapy can be a very effective way to manage anxiety, provided you are willing and ready to work with and face your fears. As a cognitive behavioral therapist, I will help you investigate your thoughts and beliefs and implement strategies you can use to overcome the limitations anxiety has created in your life.

The first step to overcoming anxiety is to confront it head on. While talking about what you’re going through can feel daunting, anxiety counseling provides you with the safe space to explore your experience without fear of judgment. There are no social niceties to follow in the compassionate, open space of your sessions. Rather, anxiety therapy sessions can help you get to the root of your anxiety and learn effective tools and skills that can help you live a life that feels more in your control.

Throughout the therapy process, I will offer ongoing support and guidance as we identify, explore and address your unique experience of anxiety, as well as offer a professional perspective and insight into where things may be going wrong for you. Once we understand the causes and triggers of your anxiety, we can develop effective strategies to break through blocks and help you meet your specific goals. Often, people who begin anxiety therapy are surprised by how quickly they start to feel better. With help and a willingness to self-explore, you can feel clearer, less anxious and finally able to take control of your life.

You still may have questions or concerns about anxiety counseling…

I’m worried that therapy will increase my anxiety or cause me to have a panic attack.

The only way to overcome anxiety is to go through it and, from a therapy standpoint, facing your fears is the only way to overcome them. If you feel unable to confront your anxiety head on, doctor-prescribed medication can be a useful, temporary measure to take the edge off anxiety symptoms as you work through cognitive behavioral strategies in therapy sessions. While I do not prescribe medication, I am happy to refer you to a doctor with whom we can work collaboratively on your anxiety treatment.

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Nothing I’ve tried has helped my anxiety.

There are many highly effective approaches to treating anxiety, and I commend your efforts in searching for a treatment that works for you. I can’t promise that I will be the solution for your anxiety, but my advice is to keep trying and searching. Over time, you are bound to find something that works, and you will overcome your anxiety symptoms. The important thing is not to give up.

I don’t want to take medication for my anxiety.

For some people, medication helps in their anxiety treatment, but it’s not the only path to relief. There are many highly effective ways to treat anxiety that do not include the use of medication. Together, we can develop an anxiety treatment strategy that is in alignment with your values, needs and therapy goals.

You Can Live A More Confident, Less Stressful Life

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