Do You Feel Overwhelmed Trying To Create Work-Life Balance?

Are you a working mom struggling to balance work and family life? Does it feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done? Maybe you begin your day at a run, racing to get your kids dressed and ready for school, only to switch into work mode the second lunches are made and everyone is out the door. Do you find yourself having to change roles several times a day, from working professional to mommy and then back again? Or maybe you’re not a mother, and prioritize work above everything else in your life. It could be that because you don’t have kids, you end up saying “yes” more and more, often at the expense of making time for yourself, your spouse and/or your friends. Do you worry that your life will always feel chaotic and unfulfilling?

For many women, it can be difficult to juggle multiple, demanding and sometimes conflicting roles. It may be that you feel like you’re failing as a mother as a result of your busy schedule. Or, perhaps you’re a stay-at-home mom and your kids have become your whole life, leaving you unable to prioritize anything else. You may find yourself sacrificing other parts of your life in order to stand out as a “good mother,” constantly baking cookies or volunteering in the classroom. Do you wish there was a way to let go of feelings of guilt or inadequacy and begin making conscious, active and empowering choices?  

Time Is A Precious Commodity In Today’s Demanding Society

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Finding work-life balance can be a constant struggle, especially for people living in Silicon Valley. For working professionals and stay-at-home moms alike, it can be difficult to prioritize self-care and personal needs, goals and desires. Workdays are longer than ever, and the mass availability of the Internet means that we’re expected to be responsive even during downtime. With stressful careers, bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic and the added demands of family or friends, it’s easy to understand why many Americans struggle with feeling frazzled and exhausted.

Although social media posts can create the illusion that other people are succeeding 100 percent in every sphere, realistically we know that this just isn’t true. There is no such thing as Supermom, and it isn’t possible to do it all. The good news is that there is help, and you can create balance in your and your family’s life. A skilled therapist can help you learn effective stress management skills and strategies to cope with your busy schedule and work through the specific issues that are causing you distress. You can learn to say “no” when appropriate. It is possible to make conscious choices that are authentic to you as an individual, rather than merely following the crowd and falling short of unrealistic expectations.

Counseling For Women Can Help You Find Balance And Reframe Expectations

In confidential sessions, you’ll have space and time to express anything and everything that is causing you stress with an experienced, non-judgmental therapist. Even taking just one hour a week for yourself, away from the demands of work and/or family to attend therapy, can make a big difference to your emotional and mental wellbeing. In sessions, we can identify your needs, desires and goals and come up with ways that you can balance your responsibilities with self-care and live in a way that aligns with your values. I can help you develop the skills needed to reframe ineffective thoughts, frustrations and persistent worry. You can learn to recognize and work through unproductive patterns of thinking and behavior and develop effective, practical strategies tailored to meet your specific therapy goals.

In counseling for women sessions, you can also learn to avoid making comparisons, accepting that you are your own, authentic individual. By embracing your individuality, you can create a realistic vision of what being a good mom, successful professional and/or good partner means to you. You can learn to make authentic choices, balancing work and family, without feeling like you’re sacrificing part of yourself in the process. And, through learning to make conscious and active choices, you can begin saying “yes” because you want to, rather than feeling like you have to. Understanding that changes can’t always be made instantly, you’ll also learn how to say “no” and create the foundation needed to make healthy choices for yourself and those you love as you move forward.

I am an understanding and accessible therapist who is sympathetic to your unique experience. I have seen therapy transform the lives of all kinds of people, and I believe that with time, commitment and a willingness to self-explore, you can identify and achieve goals that are meaningful to you and enjoy a fulfilling and successful life.  

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You still may have questions or concerns about therapy…

I’m already so busy; I don’t have time for individual therapy.

Maybe you feel like you could benefit from therapy, but are too busy and/or far away from an experienced therapist’s office to make sessions a regular part of your routine. If a busy schedule or transportation to my Saratoga, CA office is an issue, I offer online therapy through my telemedicine service. Once you’re a resident of California, we can meet via your computer in the comfort and convenience of your home or office, at a time that works for your schedule.

I don’t think now is the right time for women’s counseling. Maybe when my kids are older?

It’s understandable for mothers to want to put their kids first at all times. It can be easy to allow your kids to become your sole purpose and your role of mother to consume every aspect of your being. However, as your kids get older, their burgeoning independence can result in you feeling without a solid identity and lost. It’s important to realize that making some time for yourself now can benefit you and your children. In order to look after another person, you have to take care of your body and mind, too.

I don’t think my problems are big enough for therapy.

Therapy is incredibly inclusive, helping all kinds of people deal with all kinds of issues. No problem is too big or small to talk about with your therapist. And, for many people, therapy helps to intercept troublesome thoughts or behaviors before they become problematic. Therapy can be a way for you to become more aware of potential pitfalls before you encounter them, preventing a crisis rather than treating it.

You Can Lead A Balanced, Joyful Life

I invite you to call 408-827-8011 or email today to set up an appointment, either online or at my Saratoga, CA practice. In your free 10-minute consultation, I can answer questions and set up an initial meeting where you can relax in a comfortable environment and decide if women’s counseling is a good choice for you.