Are You Struggling To Fit Therapy Into Your Busy Life?

Do you feel like you could benefit from therapy, but are too busy and/or far away from an experienced therapist’s office to make sessions a regular part of your routine? Maybe you’re a postpartum or stay-at-home mom with babysitting challenges. Perhaps you often find yourself canceling face-to-face therapy sessions because of a sick child or other everyday obstacle. Or, maybe you’re a college student living in California, but without the transport or time to travel to my Saratoga practice. It might be that you’re a teenager about to go to college and worry that your busy schedule will prevent you from keeping therapy part of your routine. Or, maybe a full time job prevents you from accessing therapy, and you’re looking for a way to work with a therapist without taking two hours off from work for every session. Do you worry that, without time and/or transportation, therapy will always remain out of your reach?

For many people, in-person therapy is a valuable but often unattainable resource. It may be that your family and/or work situation has changed, and you struggle to keep your therapy appointments. Or, perhaps your long commute to and from therapy leaves you feeling stressed out and frazzled rather than relieved. You may find yourself sacrificing other parts of your life in order to meet your therapy commitments, or vice versa. Do you wish there was a way to gain the additional support and guidance needed to get and stay on track personally, socially and/or academically from the comfort and convenience of your own home or office?

Time Is A Precious Commodity In Today’s Demanding Society

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Effective time management can be a constant struggle, especially for people living in Silicon Valley. For many working professionals, stay-at-home parents, college students and those facing long daily commutes, it can be difficult to prioritize self-care, personal needs and desires. With so much available at the touch of a button, we are often expected to be as efficient as the technology we use. However, for many, workdays are longer than ever, and the mass availability of the Internet means that we’re expected to be responsive even during downtime. Couple this with bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic, and it’s easy to understand why many Americans struggle to fit therapy into their regular routines.

Whatever your lifestyle looks like, an upside of technology is that help and support are readily available, and online therapy is a great option for those unable to access my Saratoga practice. Online therapy, also known as telemedicine or teletherapy, can provide you with valuable support and guidance, without the added stresses of trying to secure babysitters or long-distance commuting. Through working with a skilled online therapist, you can unburden worries, learn effective skills and strategies to cope with your busy and/or stressful schedule and work through the specific issues you are facing.

Online Therapy Can Provide You With Support, Guidance, Insight And Relief

Online counseling differs from conventional in-person therapy only in that sessions are conducted remotely. However, just as I sit face-to-face with clients in my Saratoga office, your therapy session will occur via a face-to-face video meeting, using the HIPPA compliant website This is an online platform used by physicians, psychiatrists, online therapists, online psychologists and coaches all over the world. is simple to use, with no user ID or password to keep track of, and we use the same secure link for each session. You can download the software on your phone, iPad or computer, making therapy convenient and accessible.

Just as in a “normal” session, online counseling can help you set goals, identify stress triggers and better understand and manage difficult thoughts and emotions. In a confidential, comfortable setting, you can openly and honestly share your concerns and develop the skills needed to break free from and reframe ineffective thoughts, frustrations and persistent worry. I can help you learn to recognize and work through unproductive patterns of thinking and behavior and develop effective, practical strategies tailored to meet your specific therapy goals.

I am an authentic and accessible therapist who is sympathetic to your unique experience. I have seen therapy transform the lives of all kinds of people, and I believe that, with time and commitment, you can identify and achieve goals that are meaningful to you and enjoy a fulfilling and successful life.  

You still may have questions or concerns about online therapy…

Although I could attend in-person therapy sessions, I’d rather meet online.

As a therapist, my preference is for online therapy clients to first meet me in person (ideally for at least three sessions) before we move into teletherapy. However, I recognize the need to be flexible and, if you would rather meet online, perhaps due to social anxiety, online counseling could be a good option for you. In time, I hope that we could begin to intersperse in-person sessions, too, as there are many benefits to meeting in real time and space. Even meeting once a month, face-to-face, can help strengthen our therapeutic relationship and increase the effectiveness of your therapy journey.

How do you control confidentiality in an online therapy session?

Session confidentiality is of the utmost importance to me. When we meet online for a therapy session, we will both be connected via the HIPPA compliant website. Additionally, I assure confidentiality on my end and only conduct sessions in the secure, confidential space of my office. On your end, you can ensure confidentiality through only engaging in sessions from a secure, private location.

I’m living outside California. Can I still utilize your telemedicine service?

Unfortunately, no. Due to strict state licensing statutes, I can only offer my online therapy service for people currently residing in California.

If I’m not meeting you in person, how do I pay?

All online therapy sessions must be paid for by credit card, either at the beginning or end of each session. You’ll be charged through my credit processing company, which is also HIPPA compliant.

Get The Benefits Of Therapy Without Added Travel, Time Or Stress

I invite you to call 408-827-8011 or email today to set up an appointment, either online or at my Saratoga, CA practice. In your free 10-minute consultation, I can answer questions and set up an initial meeting where you can relax in a comfortable environment and see if online counseling is a good choice for you.