Do You Feel Overwhelmed By College Life?

Do you feel stressed, overwhelmed or intimidated by college life? Do you worry that everybody else is having the time of their lives while you’re shying away from social activities or feeling snowed under by the workload? Maybe you’re a freshman who’s struggling to make the transition into the new, often daunting experience of life on campus. Or, perhaps you thought college was going to be a fresh start, and feel disappointed by the familiar reality, with classes to attend, deadlines to meet and rules to follow. Alternatively, you may be struggling to set realistic goals or to study effectively in the dynamic hustle and bustle of campus life. Maybe you just feel lonely, not knowing who to talk to or how to make friends. Do you worry that you won’t be able to look back on your time at college with fondness, but rather, as a time when you were lonely, anxious and/or depressed?

The path from teenage to adult life can be a tough one to navigate for many young people. With the transition to college comes a sense of freedom that many students find difficult to manage. It may be that you are spending too much time partying or socializing with friends, unsure how to create a school-life balance. You may have trouble adjusting to the large class sizes or relaxed format of many universities. Maybe you are living in a crowded, noisy dorm and it’s difficult to get any work done. Perhaps you notice yourself slipping into depression or getting caught in a cycle of anxious thoughts, worries and/or incessant fears? Do you wish you could gain the additional support and guidance needed to get on track personally, academically and socially?

College Can Be A Stressful And Isolating Experience For Many

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For many high school kids (and their parents), getting to college is the dream that guides them through the ups and downs of senior year. With the effort required to obtain good grades, write college essays, go through interviews and get accepted into school, many teenagers assume that college is their reward and four years of nonstop fun and joy lies ahead. In reality, however, the transition to college can be an overwhelming experience for many students. For some, campus life in a tiny, crowded dorm may feel alien to the comfortable setup they had back home with parents and siblings, not to mention home-cooked meals. For others, college can feel too similar to the restricting high-school life they had hoped to escape. Some students may thrive socially, making friends easily and getting caught up in the fun side of college, but find it difficult to meet deadlines and produce high-quality work with too little sleep or poor nutrition. For other students, the hustle and bustle can be an isolating experience, causing them to withdraw, feeling lonely and unhappy.

Whatever your college experience looks like, it’s important to recognize that you are not alone. More and more students are attending college each year, and almost all of these young people will struggle at some point in their college career. As well as learning to succeed academically and flourish socially, college is a time to learn how to cope with stress, overwhelm, anxiety and varying challenges. Young adult counseling with an experienced college therapist, can help you gain the skills you need to truly take care of yourself, manage your thoughts and emotions, meet goals and set yourself up for a fulfilling adult life.

Young Adult Therapy Can Provide You With Support, Guidance, Insight And Relief

College counseling can help you learn to set goals, identify stress triggers and better understand and manage difficult thoughts and emotions. In a confidential, comfortable setting, you can openly and honestly share your concerns and learn the skills needed to break free of and reframe ineffective thoughts, frustration and persistent worry. I can help you learn to recognize and work through unproductive patterns of behavior and develop effective, practical strategies to manage your workload and meet academic goals.

While talking about your personal thoughts, feelings and worries can sometimes feel daunting, college counseling can provide you with the space to share your experience without fear of judgment. In sessions with me, you don’t have to worry about social niceties or causing offence. This is your time to unburden worries and uncover the cause of distressing thoughts and feelings. And, in sharing and letting go of the fears you may be carrying, you can experience relief, increase self-awareness and develop strategies to set yourself up for personal, social and academic success. You can also learn the effective tools and life skills needed to manage stress, anxiety and/or depression. It is possible to create a solid foundation that you can build upon and draw from so you can move through life with more ease and personal control.

I am an authentic and accessible therapist who is sympathetic to your unique experience. I have seen therapy transform the lives of all kinds of people, and I believe that, with time and commitment, you can identify and achieve goals that are meaningful to you and enjoy a fulfilling and successful college experience.  

You still may have questions or concerns about college counseling…

I have a busy schedule and no car or easy access to transportation.

If a busy schedule or transportation to my Saratoga, CA office is an issue, I offer online counseling through my telemedicine service. Once you’re a resident of California (attending school here), we can meet via your computer in the comfort of your room, at a time that works for your schedule.

Can’t I get free therapy on campus?

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While many colleges offer free therapy, there may be a limit to the number of sessions you can attend in a semester, or, you may simply wish to speak to someone outside of campus life. While therapy can seem expensive, many people view it as an important investment in their future success and fulfillment. Often, students struggling with transitioning to college or managing their workload attend just a few sessions to feel better and more in control of their thoughts, feelings and behavior.

I don’t think my problems are big enough for therapy.

Therapy is incredibly inclusive, helping all kinds of people deal with all kinds of issues. No problem is too big or small to talk about with your therapist. And, for many people, therapy helps to intercept troublesome thoughts or behaviors before they become problematic. A college therapist can also help you learn transferable skills that you can draw from to effectively cope with future problems, as well.

You Can Thrive And Succeed In College

I invite you to call 408-827-8011 or email today to set up an appointment at my Saratoga, CA practice. In your free 10-minute consultation, I can answer questions and set up an initial meeting where you can relax in a comfortable environment and better understand the benefits of working with a college therapist.